Racist Vendor at UCSD
October 29, 2009, 7:44 PM
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Written by Fnann, a 3rd yr at UCSD:

Fellow UC San Diego Community Members,

I would like to bring to your attention a situation that occured yesterday Tuesday, 10/27 around 2:30pm on campus during the vendor fair on library walk.
Here is the testimony of a fellow student’s encounter with a vendor:

“I was at venders market on campus looking at the various bracelets and necklaces at the “$2 for everything” booth, and about 6 to 7 African American high school students came and stole a bunch of the vender’s merchandise and walked away. After realizing the theft, the vender begins a conversation with me talking horribly about African Americans, mind you that I am African American myself. She begins by telling me that from the very second “those black kids” came to her booth, she knew they were going to steal from her. She says that every time she allows “those people” and “that race” to enter her shop they steal from her. The vender further elaborates her feelings and tells me that she can allow “20 Asians and 20 Mexicans” to be alone at her booth but if there are three blacks alone, every last one of them are going to steal from her. She also claims that “that race” is what makes “her race” racist again people. She goes on to say that soon she will not allow any “of those people” to shop at her store and that she is about ready to shave her head and paint a swastika sign on the back of it. So I drop what I was going to buy from the vender and I tell her “I hope your day gets better” she responds with “I hope your race gets better”. Seriously broke my heart.”

These actions and comments are not things a student on this campus or anywhere should ever have to hear or deal with, let alone a first year (from an already underrepresented mistreated group) in their first quarter of college. We are reporting this as hate speech, will be talking to those who organize the fair to make sure this lady is never allowed to come back and that vendors are also held accountable to UC San Diego’s Principles of Community.

If you disagree with these comments and actions, as we do, we suggest you avoid her vendor booth and not support her booth, again her booth is located on library walk between the Chancellor Complex and the Career Services Center and is labeled “$2 Everything” (bracelets, earrrings, necklaces, etc.). We will also be dropping off a copy of the UC San Diego’s Principles of Community at her booth later today, if you feel strongly on this issue we suggest you to also drop off a copy, or make a statement to her that you will not support her because of her racist comments, so she knows UC SAN DIEGO will not deal with that kind of treatment to our students on our campus! Please keep in mind that we do not want to harass the lady, just for her to understand that it was unacceptable and will be acted upon.


We appreciate your support.
In solidarity,

Concerned Student


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This person needs to get reported to the organizers. I have no proof, but believe this same vendor was selling dangerous and illegal colored cosmetic contact lenses a couple years ago. I reported them but nothing happened. I think they need to get repeat complaints. Link for organizers: http://www.ucsd.edu/current-students/_organizations/student-involvement/events/vendor-fair.html

Comment by jenjen

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