Luminance Sept 27th ft. Cathy Nguyen, Victor Kim, Michelle Martinez, and Jane Lui @ The Loft UC San Diego *Recap Edition*

So Sorry. I’ve been ridiculously pre-occupied with so many things the past couple weeks with The Loft @ UCSD, 3 Film Production Classes, and the San Diego Asian Film Festival that I haven’t had any time to recap last month’s Luminance show featuring Victor Kim (Quest Crew), Cathy Nguyen, Michelle Martinez, and Jane Lui!

It totally figures that I would wait and do a RECAP the day before the upcoming Luminance show. Anyway, here is the RECAP of Sept 27th… Big shout out to my awesome friend Crystal Shei for taking these beautiful pics of the show!


Victor Kim gettin’ down on the Loft @ UCSD Stage at the 2nd Luminance show! Victor showed off his guitar, ukulele skills, and played with a new pedal… you gotta see it live, pretty cool stuff. He has a very great and distinct voice that will take him really far, his cover of “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” on his ukulele  is my all time favorite.


During his set, he got off stage and did a little freestyle to his own music created live from his pedal recorder.


Victor is seriously the nicest/humblest guy I’ve meet. I’ve seen him play before, and kills it as always, and I was very glad have him at our UCSD home!


Michelle Martinez brought up some friends, Krystal Cruz and Angiegirlyo and broke down some Keri Hilson mixes.


She also killed it with her song “Euphoria” and in the middle she even mixed it up with an acoustic version accompanied with her friend Anthony Balemo, which I actually prefer over the pop/hip-hop version. *Song available on iTunes!


The AMAZING and beautiful inside-&-out Jane Lui performed a breathtaking set. I was addicted after the first time I heard her sing just one note earlier in the year with David Choi and Kina Grannis at Lestat’s. I had to make SURE I got her for the Luminance series… and here she was! Cool fact: She also came to UCSD as a Warren student! GO check her out now!


The night ended with the beautiful and always smiling Cathy Nguyen! She showed her skills on the keys and performed a killer killer version of “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles.


The Loft was PACKED. I was so happy to see all the support excitement from everyone! It makes all the work that much more worthwhile.


Me and my awkwardness on stage. Haha.


I want to thank once again to all the super cool Luminance September 27th artists! Below are just some personal photos, just cause I probably won’t see them again if I don’t post them here. Lol.


Michelle Martinez!


Angiegirlyo and Krystal Cruz!


Jane Lui!


Cathy Nguyen!

Something cool happened on backstage in our greenrooms. Cathy Nguyen and Victor Kim recorded a YouTube video for everyone!

Cathy Nguyen, Michelle Martinez, and Anthony Balemo also made a vid singing together in our greenrooms!

Cute video of Cathy playing “ninja” outside The Loft in PC East. I didn’t know what ninja was before this vid. Haha.

I think that pretty much sums up the gist of Luminance Sept 27th from my perspective. I’d love to hear comments from those who came to the show! If you haven’t checked out a Luminance show at The Loft before. Get to it! There is one tomorrow! If you support the Luminance series, please join. LUMINANCE.

tLuminance November 8th. Tomorrow! Features Gabe Bondoc, AJ Rafael, Lydia Paek, and JawKneeYeah!

Please check it out, tickets go on sale at UCSD Box Office and Ticketmaster.com tomorrow morning!

UPDATE: Tickets on Sale NOW: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Luminance-tickets/artist/1379817?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name

Luminance Nov 8th Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166513508418&ref=ts

Please help me out by inviting your friends!


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