Campus viewed from Off-Campus perspective
November 5, 2009, 8:14 PM
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It’s weird. I was just walking from the Muir parking lot to Mandeville at night. I used to walk this path every single day, sometimes multiple times a day (to classes, to dance class, to hang out, sometimes at 2am in the morning…), but haven’t walked this path in a couple months since living at home. Recently the only path I go is from the Regents parking lot, to PC, to class at Mandeville… one linear line, back and forth, every single day. UCSD campus is no longer my home.

The campus feels so different now from how it felt my freshman year. Now that I live off-campus, the atmosphere seems so distant and in a way unwelcoming. I think because it’s no longer mine. It’s very nostalgic though. I get glimpses of how I saw the campus when I was a first year. This makes me feel older, which I am since I AM a third year now. I miss calling UCSD my home and having OVT, TMTV Studio, Sixth College, Muir, ERC, RIMAC, even Geisel as my backyard…

I guess we have to grow up, move on eventually…


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ditto to your blog post!
i walk the same linear path…and i feel the exact same way! :(

Comment by Yen

So sad. Let’s go explore UCSD sometime… or get a OVT Breakfast burrito. You have no idea how much I miss it! :/

Comment by kaned89

Majority of my classes is at Center. Then i walk to Geisel. haha. I miss being able to go back to our dorms and take naps.

Comment by WilsonPhan

Yeah, me too… We lived so close to OVT. I was going to meet with a friend to grab a late night breakfast burrito, but turns out OVT closes at 9pm now! and I heard their breakfast burritos suck too… :/

Comment by kaned89

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