Learning Lessons… the easier way.
November 9, 2009, 4:52 PM
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So I’m writing about a personal flaw of mine. It’s a little strange to share with everyone here, but whatever, this might help me. If you know me I’m kind of bad at learning my lesson the first time. Whether it be losing things, procrastinating, backing up computer files, eating well. etc. (which I’m pretty sure other people might forget thing like these too…)

I also hate dreams sometimes, I usually don’t remember anything, but maybe 3 times a year I get ones that can be 100% realistic, I used to wake up crying with my pillow all wet cause I dreamt someone close to me died. But I hadn’t had those since elementary/middle school. Today I slept, woke up  in the morning, then went back to sleep till 3PM in the afternoon. I had a nightmare:

I came back to my car parked car at Culture Shock realizing I left all the windows down (i would). The car was empty, someone running away with someone else shouting “They already cleared it!” I looked in it, and realized my backpack with my MacBookPro was gone with photos, videos, Thousands of dollars of Film equipment, lighting kit, monster tripod, film, new digital camera with Luminance HD videos, DSLR, lenses, recent pictures from Luminance, everything else was gone. GAW it was awful. It was probably around 10 thousand dollars worth of stuff.

In my dream that I was was gonna hold of on life, and literally  train myself to become a Batman vigilante type and spend the rest of my life to recover these items… It was such a terrible dream. Before I woke up the only training I accomplished was being able to jump across an entire cafe filled with couches without touching the floor. GAW it was awful.

BUT! On the EXTREMELY bright side, I woke up. And just like when I was in elementary/middle school I felt SO SO relieved and 10x more grateful for what I have and definitely “learning a lesson” through a dream is much less painful and much less expensive. Lesson Learned: Lock the car door!

Reality FTW. Sometimes haha.


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