OVT Breakfast Burrito/Fireside Lounge
November 12, 2009, 12:05 PM
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I went to go grab a breakfast burrito because it felt like a year since I’ve had one at OVT. It wasn’t worse or better than I remember. It was pretty much the same as always. I somehow always get lucky and get the staff that makes the biggest breakfast burritos.

While I ate one of the OVT managers joined me and asked my opinions of OVT. I spoke openly about how the breakfast burrito changed over the years… for the worse. Like how they no longer fried the tortilla to make them crispy, or melting the cheese in it, or use the same amazing potatoes they used to. We also talked about the eggs they used and the terrible choice of switching to whole grain wheat noodles for the saute section rather than the regular kind. It was a good conversation and nice to finally get my qualms about my most memorable part of on-campus living… the breakfast burrito. It was nice because it was probably one of my last meals at OVT.

I’m also currently studying at Fireside lounge… also probably one of my last times there as well. I used to come here all the time during my second year because I lived so close and utilized it as a place to cram. I once wrote a 10 page research heavy paper from scratch, 5 hours before it was due. And got an A. I even amazed myself. Now I need to start my 5 page paper due in 3 hours. Oh college. :)

Photo 37

Btw, this morning I took a shower at RIMAC and bought this towel they sell at Warren pool, a “Quick Dry Chamois,” it’s basically “Shamwow” … but for your body! So you don’t need to carry big towels when you go swim or something… it’s what swimmers use… AMAZING.


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