Who knew wanting to go to school could turn this ugly…
November 19, 2009, 3:30 AM
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Who would have thought as a 5 year old sitting in Pre-school that when we were taught to “Stay in School,” that this is what it would take to STAY IN SCHOOL.

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I can’t even believe this picture. It’s hard to even look at. I don’t understand the logic behind any of this. American students are fighting to stay in college… and are having weapons pointed at them as a result. What happened to the ideas and programs that encouraged children to stay in school and go to college? And now to… deny, threaten, reprimand, attack the young generation who ACTUALLY, REALLY, PASSIONATELY, want to go to school? This is SCHOOL.


Isn’t it logical that smarter Americans = a smarter America => more creativity, stronger culture, more discoveries, more cures, more teachers, more businesses, more inventions, more copyrights, more patents, more money, better business strategies => better economy, better standing in the world, better America? No?

Won’t preventing students from going to college… lead to worsening EVERYTHING? Can they not sense our impending doom? Cause I can kinda feel it coming. And trust me it’s scary.

I get chills when I watch these. If they just sit back and look at this situation, it’s absurd. Absolutely absurd.

Police beating unarmed students… So painful to watch. But the word needs to be spread. This isn’t right.

Where’s Ms. Garrie… I feel like she is the only one that could possibly solve this if she were here.


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