Uncertain can be some of the best times
December 5, 2009, 9:33 AM
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So there are these times in my life when things… Opportunities, Options, Outcomes are WIDE open. And I’m not sure what’s going to come next. It’s a great and exciting time. I felt that yesturday. I’m feeling it this morning and I think it will last all winter break. I had this feeling after getting accepted to all my colleges, hired for my job at The Loft at UCSD, starting Summer Bridge, switching to Vis Arts major, starting my dance team last year, and deciding between promotion at The Loft and Hong Kong… to name a few.

There are a several events that are contributing to this.

– I just bought a Canon 7D which will give me opportunities to shoot with quality I have never gotten to shoot with EVER before.

– New classes. I’ll have new opportunities to create fresh projects and start new. My classes are very interesting and I believe I’ll be able to learn so much technically and grow creatively.

– As a result of no night classes next quarter, on the dance front, I’ll have more opportunities to take dance classes at Culture Shock, Studio 429, Studio FX, along with their Boogiezone classes. FUCK. YEAH.

I’m looking forward to taking weekly classes with Emmet Agapay, KJ Gonzales, Keone Madrid, Mariel Martin, Vinh Nguyen (House), Vinh Nguyen (SGBM), Kanna (whacking/locking), and continue classes with Tracy Seiler.

– Going to start planning Luminance for Sunday, February 21st. Mark your calenders please.

– I think I’m also getting a chance to help plan some of the hip hop competitions coming up? This good because it will be nice to contribute to the dance community in a different way.

– I also also have a new workout plan: working out twice a week from now on with my friend Cuong. I haven’t worked out REALLY since High School. So might as well since we pay for the Gym anyway. Along with that: I’m banning spending money on coffee.

– There are some other big things that I’ll describe later once they become more tangible… This is something I wanted to do before I started college… along with the goal to learn to surf before I graduate. (Still looking for someone to teach me).


On a side note: Today should be chill and fun day. I’m heading out to have breakfast with kids from The Loft @ UCSD. We’re eatting at the beach at an Amazing place called Kono’s. Then picking up my TAO tickets.

After, I’m heading to the KE toy/canned food drive for free dance workshops. One of the pieces taught by Mari. Good cause AND Fun! Win. Win.

Then the night is open after some 16mm editing for my Final. :) Yess!


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