Spheres of stereotypes?
January 4, 2010, 1:36 AM
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Niches? Spheres of stereotypes… I’m not sure what to call it. But whatever. I was  a couple seconds from falling asleep before I reflected on something I noticed the past couple weeks.

You know in High School there are clics… built up of people with different interests. Every group thinks other groups are weird, they like what they like, do what they do, and constantly judged each other. I recently realized that these groups totally thrive in real life, just not in the realm as each other. Because in High School, everyone is thrown in the same playing field and are told to survive, while in real life, the world is HUGE, and groups congregate in specific areas.

Each group is able to exist by itself and can totally be oblivious that other groups exists. There are SCENES that are totally underground that unless you were IN it would not know they exist AT ALL. This facisnates me.

This is good in a way, because it doesn’t become overhyped and thrown in peoples faces, but bad because it prevents the option to like it because you simply don’t don’t know it exists. Some examples is the Hip Hop dance community, the indie rock community, ravers, and tons more… each have their own way they talk, believeexpress creatively. Without being immersed into the a specific world, it would be impossible to understand.

I guess this is similar to HS. But in high school, these things are usually cliche, a front, sometimes a phase? But in the real world, it really becomes a lifestyle, a culture, a community that is so rich and not expressed in the media at all. Which some people like it that way. It really amazes me cause I never knew so many realms exists… hidden…

Anyways, 9am class tomorrow. Sound and Lighting FTW.


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