Luminance featured in Isa Magazine
February 19, 2010, 11:58 PM
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Below are excerpts of an article in the new Isa Magazine at UC San Diego. The word isa means “one” in filipino because the magazine is an all encompassing publication focused on Asian American media/entertainment/and culture. Thanks Isa magazine for your support for Luminance and Asian American progress in popular culture.

Article by Melissa Chan

One show in particular that we at Isa Magazine especially love is Luminance, created by Loft manager Kane Diep. As a third year at Marshall College, Diep not only works on other Loft events such as the Eclipse club parties, but is the founder of Luminance. Simply put, Luminance is a new stage for Asian American musicians. Since Asians haven’t received the creative recognition they’ve deserved, both the name and purpose of Luminance represent light, helping artists to shine on stage. Luminance series curator Diep states, “The original idea is to give a consistent place and have a consistent show for Asian Americans to perform at. And I think that’s really important especially now that we’re building momentum. You start seeing Asian Americans on ABDC [America’s Best Dance Crew] and you hear Far East Movement songs, so it’s getting there and I’m hoping that Luminance is able to help push it, to move it faster.”

Diep emphasizes that this movement is particular to the present day and age. Being a part of the community now is important, as this opportunity probably would not have happened, say, 10 years ago. Today, artists are putting on their own shows because they can. They have their own influence to do this, even though they may not have someone backing them like a record label or some kind of professional management. “Like AJ Rafael: he does Music Speaks which is amazing, because he does that for autism, for a cause. And it’s not for money for himself; it’s for other people, and that’s what inspiring about it,” mentions Diep.

Photo Credit: Isa Magazine

Having this new outlet not only allows Asian Americans some limelight, but it opens the door of opportunity in the minds and hearts of others. Seeing a performer onstage can help inspire and drive a person to pursue music or art, fields that they otherwise might not have given a second thought. Asian American artists today are living proof that dedicating a life to music and having it actually go somewhere is not only a possibility, but for some, it is a reality.

Photo Credit: Isa Magazine

Although Diep’s priority is to help other Asian American artists, he himself is a humble choreographer. On top of being a Loft manager, he started an on campus dance team and furthers his love of performance by going out and supporting other shows and art forms available all over the San Diego areas and communities. Observes Diep, “What’s important about music and dance and entertainment is: it’s art. It makes you feel better. It builds another dimension. It’s not just school, school, school. Even if I’m having the worst day ever, when I go on the dance floor, go into the dance studio, I just feel better. I think the same thing with music, and painting, and art. For the Asian American community, art hasn’t been emphasized at all. We’re always focused on studying, especially at UCSD. Being involved with this is such a blessing. It made my college experience so much better by being involved.”

New Luminance poster:


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and this is thi. ha

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