Kane’s song choices for DNA Art Gallery Opening
February 19, 2010, 2:53 AM
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Tomorrow is the DNA Art Gallery Opening. And my DNA was used for one of the pieces for the show. I’m excited to check it out tomorrow. We were also asked to chose any 5 songs to represent us for the night. My picks for the night are below and a short explanation why.

David Guetta – One Love ft. Estelle

In my new experimentation with Electronic music I have found David Guetta’s music to have most of the elements I love in electronic music. Including very dramatic buildups and instruments that are typically associated with other genres. Estelle has a beautiful voice as always. I can’t help but dance to David Guetta songs. Electronic music is all about love, connection, and unity. The world needs more of that.

AJ Rafael – I Just Want You

In my support and discovery of Asian American musicians, I’ve stumbled upon the talented and inspiring AJ Rafael. He is one of my favorites among the YouTube musicians. It was my great pleasure to have him come perform in the Luminance series at The Loft. It’s hard to get this song out of my head after I listen to it. I’ve probably listened to this song over 100 times. I hope to see him get the recognition he deserves very soon.

Lady Gaga – Speechless

The passion behind her performances is undeniable. This song in particular has a strong meaning because she wrote it to her father who was having heath problems. This song is about sacrifice, bewilderment, and begging someone not to give up. On what? Up to your interpretation.

Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade – I remember

This song brings back a very beautiful memory I probably will never forget. I love that music can do that.

Ozo – Hide & Seek ft. Imogen Heap

I liked Hide & Seek the first time I heard it a couple years ago on The OC when Marrissa shot Ryan’s brother. I still liked it a couple weeks ago when Victor Kim performed it with ANBU Black Ops at VIBE XV. I like most the versions. But this one is probably my favorite. Simply search “hide and seek light show” and prepared to be blown away.


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David Guetta’s one love is the best one.
Let’s start by saying I own a large collection of dance music albums and this one is the only one I can say I listen too from start to finish EVERY time. I don’t need to mix in other songs or take even one song out as the whole cd vibes and gels like nothing else. From the first anthem with Kelly Rowland all the way through it will make you move and shake. David has very much out done himself bridging the divide of hip hop and house music. I am so very happy that he is moving dance music mainstream again!

Comment by dave

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