Letter to a younger Kane (Inspired by Isa Magazine)
February 23, 2010, 6:17 PM
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I was reading the first issue of Isa Magazine today as I was doing my taxes. I read a section called “Letters to My Younger Self” where it asked readers to give their younger self advice or warn them about anything. I decided to write my own here.

Dear Little Kane,

Forget what your elementary school teacher told your parents, there’s no such thing as being too curious. The world is an interesting place, don’t believe people’s definition of “normal,” it only inhibits society from individuality, spirit, and creativity.

Don’t be afraid to explore the arts. Dance earlier in life. Ignore what old Asian people say, dancing is not just for Black people.

Talk to your parents more, say “I love you” and hug them more, so it wont be as awkward when you’re older. “Have you eaten?” is their way of saying “I love you.” Ask them back.

Little Kane, the world is at your finger tips. Have more fun and don’t forget to smile. Learn to breathe through your nose, so you won’t look like a fish when you’re dancing.

When your wrist gets burned by the rice cooker, don’t wash your hand in cold water and proceed to stick it in a metal desk. Tell someone. Better yet, just be careful around hot kitchen appliances, they are not your friends… although, learn to cook. It’ll be charming in the future.

At that family friend’s wedding, don’t bring all your Pokemon cards in your jacket. The kid behind you will steal it. Leave them at home and enjoy the food.

Don’t stress over school, don’t study past 12pm. You’ll do fine, even if you don’t do perfect, life goes on. Don’t stress over SAT’s it’s not a big deal, don’t worry you’ll wake up in time. There’s no such thing as an “academic” permanent record, unless it’s illegal, then it’s just “permanent record”.

Don’t worry, your pimple phase will only last a couple years. Just wash your face and pillowcase more often.

Don’t listen to your sister, Biology is not the major for you. Go directly into Visual Arts. You hate Science and Math. You also hate paperwork, do more when you’re younger so you won’t get confused later.

Soy sauce and Ketchup are different things. Clowns will always be scary. Cheese is not as gross as you think. Don’t eat too much mayo. Go to Six Flags on Easter Sunday (there are no lines).

Keep your friends close and don’t keep your enemies anywhere. In fact, just don’t have enemies, they aren’t even worth the classification.

Overall, just be confident in yourself. You have many opportunities ahead. There’s no such thing as learning too much. Continue to grow, explore, and imagine. See you in the mirror in a couple years.


Big Kane


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It made me laugh ^.^ Loves it. I agree with most of it. Its so you…and I even remember the Pokemon story…Ly’s Garden right?

HAHAH something tells me to listen to ur advice on academics just cus im doing an all nighter for 3 essays tomorrow >.<

Comment by Amira

Cute Kane. Lol on pokemon cards.

One thing, “Don’t stress over school, don’t study past 12pm.” 12pm? Lol that would’ve been a very happy childhood.

Comment by David

LoL. Super cute. Have you seen this shirt yet:

Omg clowns are scary!

Comment by Meg

Nice letter Kane! LOL!

I saw something like this a while back from the dove campaign and I wrote one as well…a letter to my 14 year old self.

Comment by Yen

this was the cutest thing ever, kane <3

Comment by crystal

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