Flyering by Kane Diep (New Video)
July 16, 2010, 3:38 PM
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I wrote and directed a new video called “Flyering” Check it out!

I wrote the original script for class a year ago. I finally got the opportunity to shoot this video when I decided to take an independent studies course with Cauleen Smith (one of my favorite professors at UCSD). Coincidentally it was in her class that I wrote the original version of the script.

I also received my first grant for this project. The grant was from US grants and it helped get equipment I always wanted to play with. I was also very fortunate to work with great actors. Along with being amazing actors, Coco Shin and Arnold Rafael are amazingly talented filmmakers as well.

I also had a really good crew to help out, for a lot of them it had been there first time working on a film project and they handled it extremely well. Thanks Thi Truong, Andrew Hsieh, Andrew Pham who were my core crew for the shoot. Thanks Stella Kim, Juan Vazquez, and Crystal poppin in to support. Kate Edwards from the Visual Arts department who helped us reserve the classroom.

It took two days about 3 hours each to shoot. Simple and clean. I’m working on writing a bunch of different scripts and develop them and maybe shoot some in Hong Kong or shoot some when I come back in January. Right now I’m working on a music video with the really talented Lindsey Yung. It will be my first official music video for a musician. I am also part of the San Diego Asian Film Festival team for the San Diego 48 hour film project contest. It kicks off tonight in 3 hours! Wish us luck!


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