“A Minor Detail” and my Summer!
August 6, 2010, 11:46 AM
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I purposely decided this summer that I would focus on film. Since this is the last summer that I will be an undergraduate, I wanted to build my film experience as well as set aside time solely for my creative juices to run wild. This was a risk because I would be going to Hong Kong at the end of summer risking having no money, but in my mind the risk was worth taking. So I didn’t try to find a part time job or take summer school. I think I succeeded in what I set out to do this summer in film. I started off doing camera work with Mye Hoang who is doing a feature film (the first one I will have worked on) which was really fun and got some good pointers as well as interesting experiences. I also finished and uploaded up a short called “Flyering.”

A big one is I got involved with TeamSDAFF for the SD 48hr Film Project (which was also the first time TeamSDAFF is participating in the project) thanks to Jimmy Lee for opening up the opportunity. I ended up getting really cool opportunity to put on the Director of Photography hat and do cinematography for the entire video. I also was an editor and edited the first half of the piece. It was so much fun. The whole 48 hours was an intense and worthwhile experience. Check out the video!

I wasn’t as stressed as I thought I’d be. I think because after surviving Babette’s classes at UC San Diego, I swore that I could take on anything. So far it’s held true. I want to thank Mark Gadia for Directing and letting me do my thing on camera. Major Props to Anthony Noceda and Philip Lorenzo for choreography that actually won us an award *BEST FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY* as well as professional acting chops and being good sports and taking the pain of being beat up take after take. The crew we had were really friendly and supportive and worked really hard. Thanks everyone on sound/lights/props and everyone who brought food. We wouldn’t have survived the 48hours without each and every one of you. THANK YOU. It was also the first time a film that I worked on was projected in a movie theater! And my it was my first red carpet too! Lots of firsts on this one. My first time shooting a fight scene as well!

I also received some crazy news the other day that my short film “SLURP” was chosen to be in the San Diego Asian Film Festival 2010! This is my first film to be in any film festival and first one that I directed that will be played in theaters! It’s actually a new and improved version from the one I uploaded on YouTube (that I now took down because you’ll have to catch it at the festival!) The only draw back is that I’ll be in Hong Kong during the premiere, but that really doesn’t matter that much to me. Just knowing that other people will see it and knowing that it’s shown somewhere is REALLY REALLY cool. My mind was pretty much blown the entire day and the first hour after I read the email, I couldn’t even breathe correctly. I really wasn’t expecting it to be accepted, I just really wanted to get constructive feedback on the video and thought that would be it. But I am so grateful that I my film will be shown at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. That sounds so crazy.

I almost forgot to mention another really cool project that I’ve been working on. I mentioned in a past post that I’m working on a music video with the really talented Lindsey Yung. We finished shooting the music video and I’m now in the process of editing. I’m about 30% into editing the music video. So far it looks good! I need to be done in the next 23 days which is really doable.

I am also prepping for my Hong Kong trip by writing two hours a day for the next 23 days. Hopefully by the end I will have a good 40hours or so of creative script writing done so I have some material to work with when I get to Hong Kong. I plan on making some films internationally! How crazy is that. Anyway, back to work.

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