“Sitting on top of the world, watching the stars go by”
December 11, 2010, 1:06 PM
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A reflection from Hong Kong.

Today I got a chance to explore Hong Kong more deeply since the semester is more or less over. I was lost in this city of chaos and neon, it was great. Hong Kong truly has never looked more beautiful in my eyes. I just walked and walked and walked. My heart and simple curiosity lead my way. I was like a little boy just wandering, exploring, and learning.

Hong Kong took my breath away a couple times today, it’s never done so before. I think it might be the holiday touch or it might be the fact that I’m leaving soon. Whatever it was, I’m glad I’ve experienced it. I haven’t had this feeling since being in San Diego. I just wandered with wide eyes and an open heart. I stopped by the Hong Kong island harbor in TST and just sat for an hour listening to music. I was listening to “All I want for Christmas” and a couple Aj Rafael songs. Really nice.

After I ate and ate and ate… I came back to campus. At about 1am I decided to go sit at the infinity pool. I’ve always seen people sit there during the quarter when I walk by and wanted to do it once before I left. I grabbed myself a juice box, my music, and went to go see what the big deal is about.

I was listening to “Starlit Nights” instrumental by Aj, Daydreamer by Adele, and after wards I just sat in silence with my thoughts. However, the lyrics “Sittin on top of the world, watchin the stars go by,” kept playing over and over in my head. That’s what I was doing… or at least that’s what it felt like. It really felt like I was sitting on top of the world. I thought about lots of things, about life, about the future, about my career, about who I am and how I got here, and how lucky I am to have what I have.

One thing that struck me that I’ve been realizing more and more lately was that I don’t look up enough. I always just look forward. As I tilted my head up to the enormous sky, I realized how small I really am. Not small in a bad way, but small relative to the greatness of this earth, the opportunities, the beauty and possibilities that are out there. It made me think about about the millions of small souls like myself other looking up at the sky or sitting in their tiny room, with a dream or something unique to offer the world.  Something about that thought is astounds me.

Today I really stepped back and tried to think about my giant leap of faith in wanting to be a filmmaker. It’s such an risky dream, but I noticed that once I tried to think about negative “what if’s,” my mind I automatically tried to block the thoughts because deep down I somehow know that I can do it. I’d like to think that it’s because I really know I can, but what if I’m just native? In my mind, I know that there is nothing I would rather be doing. I want to change and inspire people, connect with them through art and culture. I want to tell a story worth telling. The only thing I can do now is trust my instincts and heart to make the best decisions I can, and see where it leads. I don’t think life would be worth living if I couldn’t fight for this dream of mine.

This led to my next train of thought, which was how incredibly lucky I am to be thinking these thoughts while sitting on top of this mountain in Hong Kong. Then it lead to think about how I possibly even got here, what the hell did I do to to get the privilege to be in this moment. I am thankful for every moment I’ve experienced. Everything that has lead me to this point. The people that have been there to support me, my family, and my best friends. I’ve been told that not many people get to fight for their dreams, and that in fact many people don’t even know what their passions are. For this I am truly thankful for the position I’ve been given. Absolutely so. I’m just a small person out of millions, I hope that everyone can feel as happy as I do right now.

Having a juice box on top of the world while playing “Juicebox” by Aj


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