Back to December – Taylor Swift ft. Julie Zhan and Kane Diep
April 11, 2011, 11:21 AM
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I wanted to share my newest dance/music video for everyone. The beautiful and talented Julie Zhan and I choreographed to Taylor Swift’s song “Back To December.” I found the song had lots of angst to work with and knew it would be fun to play with the emotion of regret. Julie drove down from LA to San Diego and choreographed with me for two weekends while shooting Julie’s “I Got Rhythm” video (comming soon). Then we shot, the third weekend in San Diego. Check out the video!

I wanted to thank all my amazing friends who came to help with the shoot. Production Manager Farah Moriah tied the shoot together with her multi-skilled abilities. Farah had a hand in everything including make-up, craft services, continuity, location managing (we used her house) and much more. Farah, can’t thank you enough for always supporting me! My Cinematographer for the shoot, Mark Gadia played an important part in helping me tell the story and helped bring my vision to life. Also thank you so much for saving our shoot by surprising me with your studio lighting skills. My other camera operators Phillip Lorenzo, Johnathan Nguyen, and Vu Hoang did a beautiful job capturing different angles of the dances and staying on top of their game. Johnathan, thank you so much for getting us studio time we couldn’t have shot the dance sequence without your help. Eunjae Kim, you did a wonderful job on your first shoot with our team! You kept us going and our stomachs full. Thank you to production assistance, Drew Vo and Andrew Hsieh who was able to mold themselves into anything from playing back music, to holding up a light, and kept our team moving from location to location. You guys were so helpful. Thanks to my friend Chau Le who I woke up last minute to come be a body double for Julie in our car shot. You’re a good friend. Thank you to Crystal Shei for getting in a last minute dance room to rehearse before the shoot. Thanks to the Wood Room and the PC dance studio for giving us time. Thank you to Rommel Andaya who helped give feedback on the rough edit. And Taylor Swift for creating a beautiful song for us to base our video from.

Lastly but never least, Julie Zhan my dance partner. Thank you so so so so much for sharing your talents of dance/acting/charisma to the look, the emotion… everything also for the opportunity to experiment with contemporary dance. Thank you so much for your time, energy, and gas for driving all the way down for those many weeks to SD. Julie even got a ticket while driving down to San Diego the night before shooting. I am so lucky to have you as a friend and honored to be able to work with you on these projects. You are such a inspiring ball of energy, I hope you achieve everything you want in your pursuit in entertainment, I’ll always be there to support you.

Thank you to everyone else who had any part in making this video possible… big or small. Gracias. Shout out to Clement Ng from Innerspoken (check out his clothing line).

If you like the video, please support us by sharing the video where ever you can. :]

Behind the Scenes Photos:



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